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Bomb Detection and Disposal Solutions

High-End Bomb Detection and Disposal Solutions , with robust quality and high reliability by Kapri Corp for Complete Security Solutions and surveillance applications having supreme technical capabilities to address advanced industrial requirements for non-destructive testing. Browse our range of Bomb Detection and Disposal products like scanners and detectors, its specifications and cost.

Kapri Corp is one of the leading Bomb Detection and Disposal Solutions provider and supplier and exporter Highly Advanced range of Security and Surveillance Systems having specialization in the distribution and maintenance of High-Technology Detection Systems and Cost-effective Solutions and Products at competitive market prices in India and Abroad.

Bomb Detection and Disposal Solutions

In today's fast moving age, timely detection of explosives and uncovering the acts of threats of terrorists, has pronounced implication for prevention of acts of terrorism, and saving countless human lives. These kinds of situations demand a highly versatile and user friendly Bomb Detection and Disposal Solutions.

With our expertise in the field of Bomb Detection and Disposal, our clients are varied and include but not limited to Military & Paramilitary Forces, State Police BDDS Teams, Hospitals, Developers, Hotels, Private Organizations, Non-Governmental Organizations, Multinationals and Private Security Agencies.

In Bomb Detection and Disposal Solutions, real time viewing is very essential and must be a tool for any Bomb Detection Team. Based on the principle of Transmission X-Ray, Different Generator Models work on Variable Power Modes. This capability allows our offered models to display images with material discrimination, pseudo colour, organic and inorganic stripping, image enhancement and contrast among others.

The robust generators set means adaptable to Indian conditions and ease of usage with user friendly menus allows for easy training of the end users. All our bomb detection and disposal products models are compliant with all Health Standards including Type Certification by Atomic Energy Regulatory Board of India.

We, Kapri Corp, are a leading provider of High End Security Solutions to several major sectors. As a key service provider & supplier, we offer the right product and service to safeguard your business or home. We do import & export of assorted security products that are effective in your project execution, be it small or big. Our comprehensive product line covers: Wireless Security Surveillance Systems, High Security Devices, Baggage Scanners, Metal Detectors & Explosive Detectors.

Kapri Corp's product range of devices are very convenient to use , portable, designed with ergonomics and having capabilities like quick detection, high sensitivity, high selectivity and low warm up time.

Products offered in Bomb Detection and Disposal Solutions provided by Kapri Corp:

Advantages of the Bomb Detection and Disposal Solutions

The advantages of Kapri Corp's Bomb Detection and Disposal Solutions are:
  • Full Mobility, Portability, and robust generators adaptable to any conditions
  • Instant performing and High System Efficiency
  • Fail-Safe Design, Overall Ease, Cost Effectiveness and Image Quality
These properties, features, and advantages make Kapri Corp's Bomb Detection and Disposal Solutions the ultimate product choice for Security and Surveillance Systems.

For additional information about this product or any other our range of products. Kindly contact our technical experts for your specific needs and product requirements.
Applications of Bomb Detection and Disposal Solutions
The applications of Kapri Corp's Bomb Detection and Disposal Solutions:
  • Bomb Detection and Disposal
  • Security Inspections
  • IED and Explosives Detection
  • Weapons Detection
  • And many more where explosives inspection is required
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